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Our little trip to the cinema

On February 6th 2019 our class went to the cinema Baaila in Alzenau from the third to the fifth lesson to watch the film `Bohemian Rhapsody`. It was nice to break out of the regular school schedule and have a walk to the cinema. Walking there and having a nice talk to my classmates and my teacher was a great change. The good thing about the cinema is that the seats are very comfortable and you feel like home there. I really thought that the movie would not be interesting but right at the beginning it caught my attention and it lasted throughout the whole movie. I think the band Queen made fantastic music even though I am younger and it is not the kind of music teenagers usually listen to I would really like to summarize the film for you, but then it would not be worth watching. All in all, I can recommend the movie to young and old people but I really don`t think it is for six-year-olds because of the drugs and clubs that are shown. On our way back to school we were still singing the famous songs like `We will rock you”. `Bohemian Rhapsody` and more. I am really sad that this is our last school year together and we will not be able to do things like that any more.  

Eve Perkins

In the following I will write about our excursion to the cinema on 6th February 2019 to watch the movie `Bohemian Rhapsody` about Queen. We watched the film in English to improve our skills so we will easily pass the exams at the end of the year. Personally I thought that the film was really interesting but I do not understand why the film is also for six-year-olds because sometimes there were scenes that young children will not understand. But in my opinion it was a lovely film, especially the ending was surprisingly good because it completed the film nicely. The thing I did not like were the subtitles because I always got distracted when I read them and I could not concentrate on listening.  All in all, the film was definitely worth watching and I really enjoyed this school trip. I would love to do trips like that more often because it is a really good way to improve your English and it is more exciting than sitting in school and just learning grammar and vocabulary. The students pay more attention.

Michelle Kempf

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